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Buy The Best IQOS Iluma i Prime Device in Dubai, UAE

Introducing IQOS Iluma i Prime, the latest in the smoke-free products portfolio of Philip Morris International (PMI) for marketing in Dubai, UAE. It is a premium and stylish device designed initially for the adult consumer who is in search of an exceptional smoking experience and wants to have the liberty to smoke without being attached to a cigarette package.

Key Features of IQOS ILUMA i Prime:

  1. Smartcore Induction System: Iluma i Prime uses PMI’s bladeless Smartcore Induction System which heats tobacco from within to give the right taste without using tobacco that has a metallic feel.
  2. Touchscreen Interface: A touch screen to control the product: The customers can easily control and get all the information they need and adjust it for their vaping preferences.
  3. Leather-like Wrap: Besides being chic, the leather-like outer layer conceals 100% post-consumer recycled material since PMI equally tackles the environmental factor.

Available Colors:

  1. Breeze Blue
  2. Garnet Red Purple
  3. Midnight Black

Benefits of IQOS ILUMA i Prime:

  1. Consistent Taste Experience: Make every draw tastefully with perfect sensation and taste with the help of its newly developed technology known as Smartcore Induction System.
  2. No Tobacco Residue: Those days of dealing with stains, odors, and dirt on a chosen device will be a thing of the past. In comparison with the previous versions, manufacturers have removed the depositing of tobacco residues which is more hygienically designed in IQOS Iluma i.
  3. Sleek Design: Turning to the right side of the photo, Iluma i Prime has an exterior finish of Class A leather-like with a neat black and evenly back-lit touchscreen look, a stylish, elegant sophisticated, mature adult-type design.

Experience the best in vaping with IQOS Iluma i Prime in Dubai and join PMI’s vision for a smoke-free future.

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Breeze Blue, Garnet Red Purple, Midnight Black


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