IQOS ILUMA I Standard Device in Dubai, UAE

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Buy the Best IQOS ILUMA I Standard Device in Dubai, UAE

The IQOS ILUMA I Standard is introduced as a range of vaping devices that come with the highest level of innovation to befit your vaping requirements. As a result of its well-organized design and the numerous features it has, this gadget leaves no room for competition in the field of vaping.

Easy to use, it already has a touchscreen panel that allows any adjustment to be done easily by the user. Having access to settings and options, vaping can be made perfect for use and satisfactorily meet the user’s needs.

Vape shining features include the ability to step away occasionally without vaporizing for a time, ensuring the battery does not drain, and the e-liquid doesn’t go to waste. To enhance your vaping experience, Flex puff technology helps you achieve a smooth and consistent draw whilst customizing according to your liking.

Key Features IQOS ILUMA I Standard Device:

  • Touch Screen Interface: Effortlessly navigate and customize your vaping experience.
  • Pause Mode: Conserve battery life and e-liquid by taking breaks without waste.
  • Flex Puff Technology: Enjoy a smooth and consistent draw tailored to your preferred style.
  • Flexible Battery: Ensures reliable performance and adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle.
  • Auto Start Functionality: Automatically heats up with each inhale for a seamless experience.
  • Stylish Color Options: Available in Breeze Blue, Digital Violet, Midnight Black, and Vivid Terracotta.

Available Colors :

  1. Breeze Blue
  2. Digital Violet
  3. Midnight Black
  4. Vivid Terracotta 

This battery is flexible and thus, can be depended on as it has the flexibility of being able to work according to your daily routine. So if you want a pair of headphones that can provide long-lasting power while on the move or even in stillness, the ILUMA I Standard is the best bet.

The Autostart feature can be used to make vaping convenient, especially for those who may be new to vaping and would require adjustments. As basic as it may sound, all that is required is an inhale and the device warms up and is ready to be vaped with no further tampering or complication.

They are available in different attractive colors including Breeze Blue, Digital Violet, Midnight Black, and Vivid Terracotta, thus ensuring that you enjoy the best vaping experience that is enhanced by the device’s performance.

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Breeze Blue, Digital Violet, Midnight Black, Vivid Terracotta 


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