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Heets is a new type of E-cigarette made by Philip Morris International company. It will be the best choice for those, who want to leave smoking. It can give a man a perfect taste of smoking without the harmful nicotine of smoking. Being an organic product, it does not contain any ash, smoke, and tar. So we can call it a healthy tobacco product.

Heets, also known as Heatsticks, are small tobacco sticks used with electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or heat-not-burn tobacco products. These products are designed to provide a similar experience to smoking a traditional cigarette but without the smoke and other harmful substances produced when tobacco is burned..

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What is Heets

Heets is a new Electronic cigarette. We can try it as an alternative to smoking. It can give us a perfect smoking taste without the harmful effect of smoking. To enjoy it, we have to need an Iqos device, So that heats the heat sticks and turns them into a vapor

It not-burned and does not produce smoke. No harmful chemicals or tar are used in it. Heets are made of wood powder and a mixture of various flavors. It’s heated to a high temperature by a special device IQOS to turn it into steam. So it is an environmentally friendly and healthy tobacco product.

Benifits of using Heets

The benefits of Heets are many and varied, but the three most important ones are health, envirinment and taste.

Health benifits

The health benefits of Heets are obvious, there is no smoke, tar or ash involved in the process. There is also no second hand smoke which can be dangerous to other people in your vicinity.

We all know that it’s a perfect alternative to smoking, which gives us the full taste of tobacco without harming our health. Smoking can cause serious diseases like cancer in the human body. So we can get the perfect tobacco taste and self-satisfaction like smoking by using Heets instead of smoking. As a result, our bodies will not be attacked by any kind of complex disease like smoking.

Environment benifits

Heets is an eco-friendly electronic cigarette. Smoke is a volatile substance that is very harmful to the environment. According to a study, the amount of smoke produced by smoking is more than the amount of oxygen we consume. It gives the tobacco experience without producing any smoke. So it can be called an eco-friendly e-cigarette

Taste benifits

Taste benefits of it also significant as it provides a much better taste experience than traditional cigarettes do.

How many Heets Flovors are available in Dubai

There are many types of Heets flavour are available in Dubai market. Among them, the top four types of Flavors are Heets Kazakhstan, Heets Parliament, Heets Dimension, Heets Creation. Basically four types of test are available in these 4 categories of flavors above, and they are: Classic, Mint, Tobacco and Menthol.

Heets Kazakhstan in Dubai

Heets Kazakhstan is a popular brand of Heets Flavors electronic cigarettes. Usually, these are made in Kazakhstan, and these flavors are very popular in the region. But nowadays, these flavors made in Kazakhstan have become popular worldwide. The taste of it as like tobacco with menthol and freshness. The products are available in 6 different flavors. Such as Bronze, Green Zing, Purple wave, Silver, Yello, and Amber selections.

Heets Parliament in Dubai

The Heets Parliament is a smokeless tobacco product that hasn’t high nicotine content. It is marketed as an alternative to cigarettes and other tobacco products. The taste of Heats Parliament is a combination of soft, fragrant tobacco and delicate spicy notes. In the Parliament Sticks, there are hints of spice mixed with a rich tobacco taste. The Parliament products are available in 12 different flavors. Such as: Parliament Ruby Fuse, Amarelo Fuse Selection, parliament Bronze, Parliament Green Zing, parliament Amber selection, parliament slate fuse, Parliament Summer Breeze, Parliament Tarquoise selection, Parliament Tropical Swift, Parliament Gold Selection, Parliament Purple Wave, Parliament Silver Selection.

Heets Dimensions in Dubai 

Iqos Heets Dimensions is a new type of E-cigarette product Cetagory in Dubai. Like all other heatsticks, it does not contain any tar, ash or smoke. It’s difference can be observed only from its taste. Dimensions Selections has a medium-strong tobacco taste base with notes of citrus fruits and nuts.

Heets Creation in Dubai

Heets come in various flavors, including menthol, tobacco, and fruit, and are available in different countries worldwide. Depending on the country, they are sold in packs of 20 or 30 sticks.

How Heets Work

Heets are designed to be used with an electronic device called an IQOS, which heats the tobacco sticks to a high temperature (around 350°C) without burning them. When the tobacco is heated, it releases a nicotine-containing vapor that can be inhaled.

Are Heets Less Harmful Than Cigarettes?

Heat-not-burn tobacco products with heat are less harmful than conventional cigarettes. They are completely risk-free. Long-term use of these products does not have much effect on health, as they are not as harmful as smoking.

PMI has conducted several studies comparing the levels of harmful and potentially harmful substances (HPHCs) in the vapor produced by IQOS and cigarette smoke. The company’s studies have generally found that the levels of HPHCs in the vapor produced by IQOS are lower than in cigarette smoke.

Independent research on the safety of heat-not-burn tobacco products is limited. A study found that the levels of HPHCs in the vapors produced by these products still not to be significantly higher than in the air we breathe.


Heets are small tobacco sticks used with electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or heat-not-burn tobacco products. They contain tobacco and other additives that are heated to produce an inhaled nicotine-containing vapor. Heat-not-burn tobacco products with hits are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. They are completely risk-free. tobacco products.

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Heets are available in a variety of flavors, including:

  1. Tobacco: This flavor is intended to mimic the taste of traditional cigarettes.
  2. Menthol: This flavor is a cool, refreshing blend often associated with traditional menthol cigarettes.
  3. Fruit: Heets are in fruit flavors, including peach, cherry, and blueberry.
  4. Spice: Some Heets flavors have a spicy or aromatic profile, such as cloves or cinnamon.
  5. Dessert: Heets are also available in dessert flavors like vanilla or caramel.