Heets Silver parliament Selections

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Experience the exquisite taste of Iqos Heets Silver Selection (Parliament) – an exceptional choice for tobacco connoisseurs. At RajVape, your premier online Heets store in Dubai, we bring you the finest selection of Heets flavors, including the sought-after Silver variant.

What is Heets Silver?

It is a premium tobacco product designed to be used exclusively with the groundbreaking Iqos device. It offers a refined and enjoyable way to indulge in your favorite tobacco blend.

Benefits of using Heets Silver selection

1. Unparalleled Flavor: Immerse yourself in the smooth and refined taste of this product. This premium blend from Parliament delivers a balanced and satisfying smoking experience.
2. Reduced Harm: By heating the tobacco rather than burning it, it provides a smoke-free alternative that may contain lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to traditional cigarettes.
3. Convenience: With the Iqos device, you can enjoy the pleasure of tobacco without the need for matches or lighters. Simply insert the Heets stick and savor the moment.

How to use Heets Silver

Using Iqos Heets Selection is straightforward:
1. Insert the Heets stick into the Iqos device.
2. Press the device’s button to activate the heating process.
3. Wait for a few seconds until the indicator light turns solid, indicating that the tobacco is heated and ready to be enjoyed.
4. Take a gentle puff and indulge in a smooth and flavorful experience.

Flavor and Taste of Parliament Heets Silver Selection

It offers a refined and sophisticated tobacco experience. With each puff, you’ll enjoy a harmonious blend of smoothness and flavor, carefully crafted to provide a satisfying and indulgent sensation.

Where to find Iqos Heets flavors in Dubai, UAE?

RajVape, your trusted online Heets store in Dubai, UAE, is your destination for authentic Iqos Heets Silver Selection. Browse our collection and conveniently order this exceptional product online. We ensure that you receive genuine Heets products directly from the manufacturer, delivered right to your doorstep. we also offer a wide range of all Heets Flavors at affordable prices in Dubai, UAE.


Iqos Heets Silver Selection (Parliament) offers a refined and pleasurable smoking experience for tobacco enthusiasts. Explore the exquisite flavor, reduced harm potential, and convenient usage of this exceptional product. Visit RajVape, your trusted online Heets store in Dubai, and elevate your tobacco enjoyment with Iqos Heets today.


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