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HEETS KAZAKHSTAN ALL SELECTION are available ai our Stor RAJVAPE. Please Choose or Contact us For your FLAVOUR Which you want.
Carton: 1 Carton / 200 Sticks (10 packs)

Taste: Sweet and sour. Mellow and aromatic, Yellow Selection combines zesty aroma notes with a subtle tobacco blend.

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HEETS KAZAKHSTAN YELLOW SELECTION IQOS Cigarettes uses revolutionary technology that heats tobacco without burning it, giving you the true taste of tobacco with no smoke, no ash, and less smell. This is a roasted and balanced tobacco mixture which made for a rich taste.
This is ideal for health-conscious smokers who don’t wish to vape who would still like the closest alternative experience to smoking.
KAZAKHSTAN YELLOW SELECTION is a classic strong taste for those who are more used to regular cigarettes. · Silver – not considered strong, but has a clean aroma without impurities.

What Is Heets Yellow Selection?
Heets Yellow Selection is a scrumptious collection of Heets classics with a hint of Russian history. These sticks provide a smooth, polished texture and a mild lemony flavor.

How to Use Heets

If you have’nt any idea how to use HEETS, Then simply insert the HEETS stick into the IQOS holder and press the button until a LED light begins to blink. By using real tobacco instead of traditional E-liquid, IQOS deliver a more familiar and satisfying taste experience.

HEETS Amber Labe / Selection
A roasted and balanced tobacco mixture for a rich taste. (Roughly Marlboro Red)
HEETS Yellow Label / Selection
A light taste of tobacco mixture to taste refined tobacco.
HEETS Turquoise Label / Selection
Tobacco mixture containing menthol gives a feeling of cool taste.
HEETS Bronze Label / Selection
the pure taste of a rich cigar
HEETS Purple Label/wave – purple, blueberry flavour and wild herb with menthol (UKR, RU)
HEETS Silver Label / Selection – silver, very fine taste of plain tobacco – light tobacco

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